Davy Painting

Our painting services include drywall repairs, wallpaper stripping (one of our specialties), helping with decorating idea, and of course interior painting of walls, ceilings, trim, doors, cabinets.  No exterior painting.

Getting Started

To begin, in an effort to reduce costs, we generally ask that the customer move things out of the way and we are happy to assist with moving larger items.  Your preparation prior to our arrival is a vital component of a smooth, efficient repaint operation.  This also includes moving small items commonly found on countertops and bathrooms, for example, to other areas, away from the painting operation.  By doing so, we are able to easily cover all such surfaces to protect them during the painting process. 

It is also necessary to remove pictures and curtains from the prospective repaint work space.  Should you wish to rehang pictures, simply leave the nail or hanger in place and we will work around them.  Finally, it is important to make certain all furniture is moved at least 3 feet from all repaint surfaces, to allow space for our equipment.  Bedrooms can be more challenging, but we are always able to work around them.  As mentioned, we are happy to assist with moving heavier items, curtains and window blinds, provided we are given advance notice of the need to factor in additional time.

The Painting Process

A great repaint requires great preparation.  We begin by removing outlet covers, switch plates, etc.  All furniture in affected areas is covered and any holes or cracks in the drywall are patched.  Generally, two coats of finish paint are required for proper repaint operations.  Following application of the second coat, all equipment is removed and required clean-up is performed to that space, allowing the customer to gain full access to it before we move on to the next repaint area.   Davy Painting typically fully completes two to three rooms per day.  All unused paint supplies are left on-site for future touch-up work and each container is clearly labeled to allow easy identification of the room it was used in. 


Davy painting requires no deposit.  We simply ask that the customer makes arrangements for prompt remittance following completion of the work.  WE ACCEPT CASH, CHECKS, VISA, MASTERCARD, AND DISCOVER.    

After the Repaint Work is Complete 

Should you discover something we may have overlooked while painting (if something needs touched up, for example) simply call Davy Painting and we will make certain it is taken care of promptly!